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Check Out These 3 Most Creative Postcard Designs

3 most creative card designs

Dear Friend,

3 most creative card designs retro-sparks pinSomeone will think I’m old-fashioned, but I love postcards!

I also think that everyone secretly loves them even they won’t admit it. I often send postcards to my dear people.

Thus, there is nothing quite like receiving one of those small pieces of paperboard with a handwritten message on the back. Each one evokes a feeling of pure joy!

Like in that quote from Winnie the Pooh, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” 

Although the writing space is small, it is long enough to write someone your essential thoughts, desires, feelings, or greetings. 


Here is my list of the top three most creative postcard designs:

#1 – Editions des CorrespondancesArtsy (Post)cards

creative cards design Editions des Correspondances

These adorable postcards are a great solution if you want to show your partner, family members, or friends how much you care. The postcards are designed by a few artists, and if you are an artsy correspondence soul these could be just perfect for your taste. Romanticism, friendship, love, and happiness are carried with the brush of each one of the authors designing the cards.
In addition, they have plenty of other stationery cutie-pies, such as small mirrors, notebooks, calendars, pens, magnets, etc. With their help, you can easily build up one wonderful present for your loved ones.

#2 – PickmotionPolaroid Postcards

creative designs polaroid cards

We all get a bit sentimental when seeing a polaroid photo, I think. This creative project of making a polaroid photo into a postcard is just brilliant! Although there are a few brands on the market today, I prefer this German start-up. They have a big assortment in the retro style, and quality is really good. They create city postcards, as well as cards for every occasion – birthdays, congratulations, greetings, parties, Christmas time, weddings, etc. You can have your favorite ones in the form of classic polaroid postcard or The Photo Postcard, as well as The Mini Postcard. And there is so much more in their creative opus. You should definitely check it out!

#3 – Timbergram – Wooden Cards

creative wooden cards design

You must admit that wooden cards are an awesome idea! They are unique and elegant, funny and cute. I still recall the first time I got one of these. It was an intense, thus extremely positive A-ha! moment. And you feel somehow special because the card is special. So, if you want to make someone feel special, here is your opportunity – the Timbergram wooden cards. Their offer is wide (there are card designs, boxes, and even letters) since the company exists from 1900. And you can have it with your own message engraved! Finally, what I personally find very amusing is that you can use them as home decor, too.

Are there any creative postcard designs you prefer? I would love to hear from you. Write to me about it in the comments.

Have a happy swapping!

Lots of Love,

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