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Hi, I’m Selena.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by correspondence and letter writing. As a teenager, I had a wonderful collection of postcards, greeting cards, and letters. I had a few penfriends (Actually, I still do!) and those moments when wrapping and opening letters I have enjoyed the most.

Writing came naturally for me. As a toddler, I have got a playing game form my parents, the Alphabet Blocks. I loved them! I spent most of my time arranging the blocks with my father. As a consequence, Mom had a complete disappointment, because my first word was Daddy. For him and me, however, it was quite logical.

© 2018 Retro-Sparks

I was born and raised in Serbia, a small country in East Europe on the hilly and turbulent Balkan Peninsula. However, in 2015 I moved to romantic Vienna (Austria) due to the continuation of my Master’s studies. After successfully mastering the German language in 2017 I have begun my studies at the University of Vienna with the emphasis on the historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations in education. I am an Andragogist (i.e. adult educationalist) and a freelance research assistant, who survives thanks to coffee and avocado. At the end of the day, I am a bookworm, daydreamer, and yoga enthusiast.

In Vienna, I have found my place under the sun. The city inspired with the warmest sun, best coffee houses and sweetest piano sound without exception. Springs and Autumns have special charm here – suddenly the Vienna Secession comes fully to the fore, and Art Nouveau shine in all its glory. With my husband, Danijel, a freelance Web developer who is by my side in everything, we make each day count.

Retro-Sparks is my first blog where some of the main topics are correspondence, letters, traveling and writing. I share my daydreams and night-designs. I write about something that is common to all of us. I write about life and experiences.

© 2018 Retro-Sparks

Moreover, on this blog, you can find curiosities of some incredibly powerful letters witch notable figures such as Audrey Hepburn, Nikola Tesla, Ernest Hemingway, Iggy Pop, Emily Dickinson, Frida Kahlo and the like, have written.

There are some great stories regarding my travelings on the Traveler’s Cards page. In addition, stationery lovers and correspondence enthusiasts can find some tips and creative D.I.Y. ideas for cute handmade cards and other stationery features on the Creative Factory page.

If you require any further information, let me know. Additionally, you can comment below if you have any questions or you would like to discuss something, or simply want to share your thoughts and observations.

Lots of love,
Selena V.

PS: Letters are timeless and make every word count.

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