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Barcelona In Postcards: Sunny Sky, Great Food And Brilliant Architecture

Barcelona, the city of Gaudi is indeed the marvelous place.

During the visit to my best friend, I have enjoyed my stay in this city situated amid the high mountains and the Mediterranean sea. I find it obvious since The City Of Marvels has so much to offer: a uniqueness of the magnificent historic architecture, a wealthy cultural scene, a plenty of art, and a charming food scene. Moreover, Spaniards are really wonderful hosts and the Mediterranean culture has its own special charm – everyone will try its best to make you feel at home. Oh, I almost forget – their unselfishly shared enthusiasm and happiness are astonishing! Since this is not my first visit to Barcelona, this time we have decided that we should explore the city without haste, and discover a town’s secrets, as well as the cultural scene.

We made a plan for five days. We would start our day with a great cup of coffee, and take a walk to the small and cozy bakery called L’Obrador del Molí tucked in a quiet neighborhood of Sarrià in the Province of Logo.

And the day would start perfectly! We would take a long city walks through the Gothic quarter. Our nights were colored with music and exhibitions. Especially relishing was Lita Cabellut‘s art exhibition, as well as the ladies cello quartet Les Mademoicelli which performed tango of Astor Piazzolla in a little secret concert hall in the Hospital de la Santa Creu. This monumental building is located in the Raval district and is actually part of Sant Pau Recinte ModernistaEurope’s largest Art Nouveau site.   

I was particularly enjoying our visit to the magnificent Gothic cathedral Santa Maria del Mar (build in the 14th century).

We had the opportunity to see the city panorama from the Basilica’s rooftop, as well. It was astonishing! While listening as the guide narrates the details of a very turbulent church’s history, I remembered the words of Don Quixote from Servantes’ novel (1605) of the same name:“Barcelona, Don Quixote exclaimed, is a fountain of courtesy, shelter of strangers, hospice to the poor, land of the valiant, avenger of the offended, reciprocator of the firm friendship, a city unique in its location and beauty.” I could feel those words as my own. Every corner of the streets I have walked and every smile on people’s faces, that I have witnessed, made me believe that Barcelona is a unique city.

We had a plenty of wonderful experiences in this city. One day, as we were walking through the narrow streets of the old town, not far from the well-known La Rambla street, we encountered a small shop with rich stationery supply. Of course, we spent quite an amount of time there! Anyhow, in that store I have found some great Barcelona polaroid postcards. The colors are spreading some positive energy. I love them! They are chick and retro! These postcards are an excellent choice if you are a follower of the old correspondence style – sending postcards to your nearest from your travels – ¡Hasta la próxima, amigo!

Lots of love,

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  1. Deana 22 August, 2018 at 16:08

    well I must say although I’ve been to Barca, now that I’ve read this I feel like visiting it again as soon as possible! Thank you for these beautiful text and such fine words of yours dear S! 🙂

  2. Selena 22 August, 2018 at 21:20

    My dear Deana,

    Thanx so much! I’m glad that you like this writing, and I definitely think you should visit Barcelona once again. Just to remind yourself how wonderful this city is. 💌

    Lots of Love,

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