Traveler’s Cards

My adventures and journeys are collected in the Traveler’s Cards. My mother is used to say that I am born in a car. I’ve been traveling all my life, however, last 12 years much more frequent. I’ve moved three times and lived in three countries. I thought I’d share some of my favourite travel experiences. As I am a great history enthusiast I try to write down some accurate insights, as well as some piquant details related to the specific social context of the place that I visited.

Austria: Mountains & Lakes vs. Mozart & KlimtTraveler's Cards

Feldkirch: A Historic Gem Surrounded By Lush Greenery

Located in the far western federal state of Austria, is Feldkirch, the most well-preserved and scenic of Vorarlberg’s cities, nestled in a picturesque place where ...
Montenegro: The Jewel Of The MediterraneanTraveler's Cards

The Bay of Kotor: A Dreamy Fjord Of The Adriatic

Sprinkled with the unique scent of cypress trees and tucked in by cliffs of the Orjen and Lovćen Mountains, the Bay of Kotor endured the ...
Montenegro: The Jewel Of The MediterraneanTraveler's Cards

Herceg Novi: Montenegrin City Of The Sun

Before I begin describing the beauty of Herceg Novi and its surroundings, I have to emphasize that I adore the Montenegrin coast! “If you put your ...
Croatia: Between Tradition And ModernityTraveler's Cards

Dubrovnik: The City Of A Hundred Stories

This summer I finally managed to visit Dubrovnik, the gem of the Adriatic coast located in southern Croatia. The city was on my travel bucket ...
Spain: Gaudi & Dalí - Flamenco & FiestaTraveler's Cards

Barcelona In Postcards: Sunny Sky, Great Food And Brilliant Architecture

Barcelona, the city of Gaudi is indeed the marvelous place. During the visit to my best friend, I have enjoyed my stay in this city situated amid ...