Montenegro: The Jewel Of The Mediterranean

The country’s names (both Montenegro and Crna Gora [in Montenegrin]) meaning “Black Mountain” in reference to Mount Lovćen, its historical centre near the Adriatic Sea. The name dates back to the time of Venetian hegemony in the Middle Ages. Montenegro is a mountainous country, thus covered with the dark forest from north to south of the land, intersected by the canyons of the Tara, Lim, Zeta, and Piva rivers, it includes the part of the Dinaric Alps on east (Mount Durmitor), as a consequence is my most beautiful nature of the Balkan peninsula. Still not touched by the human hand entirely, the beautiful nature of this country seduces you with the calmness, harmony, and fascinating scent of the cypresses. And when you look at the sky, well – There is no sky so blue as above Montenegro! 

Montenegro: The Jewel Of The MediterraneanTraveler's Cards

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Montenegro: The Jewel Of The MediterraneanTraveler's Cards

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