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Sweet DIY: How To Upcycle a Diaper Box Into a Toy Box

diy toy box

Dear Friend,

I’m sure that many parents of a baby have a lot of diaper boxes at home and don’t know what to do with them. Instead of throwing them away, you can upcycle them into a toy box. Thus, these boxes can serve any other storage purpose in the baby’s room as well. 

We needed a storage box for Xara’s toys and I’ve decided to find some nice and easy DIY craft. 

The DIY upcycled diaper box idea is very popular and you can find amazing crafts on Pinterest. However, they are mostly fabric covered diaper boxes. Although I like the fabric idea, I find it a little complicated to maintain. We all know that fabrics can collect dust over time and I was interested to find out how to clean it. But then, I stopped for a minute; I really don’t need another thing to think about, I already have a lot to clean and maintain. 🤷‍♀️ 

So, I came up with this sweet idea – to upcycle a diaper box into a toy storage box and cover it with wrapping paper and some drawings.

If you’re not so into drawing you can download my free nursery art printables (like the ones on the toy box) at the end of this post.



Step #1 – Cut the lids from the diaper box and measure pages so you can cut the wrapping paper.

diaper box into toy box

Step #2 – Cut the wrapping paper as shown in the photo below according to the dimensions of your box. Make 4 cm incisions in all four corners.

Hint: Use the diaper box to measure the length of wrapping paper to cover the inside of the box. I find it more eye-catching when it’s covered, you can just cover the outside of the box if you find that way better. 

diaper box into toy box

Step #3 – Place the box on the paper, glue the wrapping paper on the pages first (wider sides of the box), and add mini paper buntings to the edges as shown in the photo below. When done, glue the paper on the front and back; that way you will also hide edges of mini paper buntings.

Step #4 – Take the rest of the paper and cover the inside of the box with it to make it eye-catching. 

diaper box into toy box

Step #5 – Glue the drawings on the box. And with that, you have taken the last step in creating the perfect toy box.

diaper box into toy box


I’m sharing with you the free nursery art printables that I have drawn and used for decorating my toy box. You can download the printables for free by subscribing to my blog (there is a form for subscribing below). Once you get the password you’ll have the access to my other freebies as well. 


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find my tutorial on how to upcycle a diaper box into a toy box cute and fun. Happy crafting! ✂️ 

Stay safe! 😷




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