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Quick & Easy DIY: Mini Paper Bunting

Dear Friend, 

diy mini paper bunting pinThis week I bring you a super quick and easy DIY mini paper bunting tutorial. I’ve made them from the memo pads and they turned out so cute.

I used them as decoration for a toy box made from an upcycled diaper box, but they can be perfect for a scrapbook, journal, or even as a cake topper. 

You will need some materials and a bit of skill. But honestly, I think that kids could make these mini paper bunting too, so it can be fun for a whole family. 

Follow my step-by-step tutorial and craft this cute mini paper bunting in just 4 steps! 

Hint: Try to organize memo pads so that they are visually pleasing. I used pastel memo pads for a mini paper bunting tutorial, and I lined them up like in a rainbow.

As shown in the photo below, these mini paper buntings fit perfectly with my drawings for the toy storage box idea. To read more on how to upcycle the diaper box in order to make a toy storage click here

diy toy box


  • Memo pads 
  • Ribbon 
  • Ruler 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue stick 


Step #1 – Choose as many memo pads as you want, I chose four. Fold the first memo pad in half, and then both halves as shown in the photo below. Repeat this for all memo pads.  

Step #2 – Cut folded parts so that you get four equal parts from one memo pad.

Step #3 – The length of the ribbon in my case is 17 cm or 6.69 inches. Take the first cut piece of the memo pad, fold it in half, glue up one side, put a ribbon in the middle, and attach it with the other side. 

Step #4 – Estimate the middle of the paper, and with the help of scissors, cut both sides diagonally to the ribbon. 

Simple, fast & easy, yet so cute, right? 🙂

diy mini paper bunting tutorial

And here’s another trick on how to make even smaller mini paper bunting! 

After doing step 2, fold the cut part in half once more, as shown in the photo below.

diy mini paper bunting

Then, again, glue up one side, put a ribbon in the middle, and attach it with the other side. Estimate the middle of the paper, and using scissors, cut both sides diagonally to the ribbon. 

diy mini paper bunting

And that’s it! Happy crafting! 

diy mini paper bunting

I hope you’ve enjoyed my DIY mini paper buntings tutorial!

Be awesome, stay safe, and don’t forget to pin it if you like! 🍭





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