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DIY: Pastel & Gold Easter Table Decor

DIY Pastel & Gold Easter Table DecorPersonally, I really like the holidays. They are an occasion to gather with friends and family around a table, prepare fine food together, eat, laugh, and simply enjoy the time together. 

Given that lately, due to the circumstances that have befallen us, such gatherings have become quite rare, I think that more than ever we should appreciate the beauty of those moments and enjoy them to the fullest.

Spring evokes in us a feeling of a new beginning and a special peace, and I had these emotions in mind when I was setting the table.

My idea was to decorate it minimalistic and elegantly with just a few details that connect us to nature that just starts to wake up.

Since I have always been most inspired by pastel tones such as powder pink and baby blue, I wanted them to prevail on my table setting. 

Disclosure: All items in this DIY Easter table decor setting up are from my private collection.

diy easter table decor

The tablecloth I used is a simple and delicate white damask that can easily blend in with any color. As soon as I saw these white plates with gold details (24-carat gold), I knew they would fit nicely into the story I wanted to tell. Plus the cutlery I choose with golden details on the handles links all in one synchronized unit. Finally, I decided to use beige damask napkins that I connected with natural brown jute twine, and as Easter detail added boiled egg in the middle.

diy easter table decor

There are, of course, wine glasses and glasses for water made of crystals which folded perfectly with the rest of the decoration.

Since this time I went on minimalistic DIY Easter table decor, I focused on one decorative item as a main. The pastel blue ceramic vase full of almond blossoms was the absolute winner since it attracts attention to the center with its size and appearance.

TIP: When decorating the table, it is best to first arrange the plates, the dishes, and glasses, and leave the central part for the end. This way, you won’t clutter up the center of the table with too much decoration and not have enough place for dishes and, of course, all the delicious food ultimately.

Moreover, my mother makes the most delicious honey cookies in the world! (Check out her IG page @moje_medene_carolije and look at all those perfectly made cookies.) However, since I’m a passionate crafter I had to make some Easter decor items on my own. 

I made these lovely pastel bunny ornaments out of felt and cotton fabrics. It was a cute and pretty simple sewing project. And I enjoyed it very much. I attached them on a wooden grill stick, and the stands are made of cookies decorated with Royal Icing. Finally, I added satin pink and white ribbon bows as details.

diy easter bunny ornamentsMy family celebrates both Catholic and Orthodox Christian holidays, so every big holiday is celebrated twice in our house. Even now that I am married since I was baptized in the Orthodox Church and my husband in the Catholic Church. And in fact, it is true beauty and joy.

Traditionally, cooked ham, horseradish, spring onions, crispy radishes, eggs, and soft bread are foods without which we cannot imagine Easter. Besides the food, is there a better way to show our family and guests how much we love them than to make an extra effort to decorate an Easter table and thus complete our spring fairy tale?

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you liked my Easter table decoration.

Happy Easter everyone, stay safe and take care of yourself! 🐣




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