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DIY Valentine’s Day Cards: 3 Charming Ideas + Tutorials

valentine's day card ideas

valentine's day card ideasWith everything available in stores and online shops today, originality and effort are probably more appreciated than ever. And I’m the biggest fan of the DIY Valentine’s Day cards! That way I can show how much I love the person to whom the card is meant. 

Did you know that the first Valentine card was allegedly written by the French Duke Charles of Orleans in the 15th century, to his wife while he was in captivity in England?  Today it is not a big problem to find something that will appeal to those we give it to thanks to so many choices, but also more than ever a ‘personal stamp’ or making is very much in trend. 

It is estimated that about a billion greeting cards are sent each year for Valentine’s Day, but instead of wandering around the shops, do your best and make your own greeting card – you don’t need much, a little creativity, and just a few minutes. No matter who you intend it for, originality and effort are always appreciated.

I made three charming DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas and below you can see more about how to make each of these by yourself. 

Oh, I’ve also created 6 Valentine’s Day Illustration Cards [Free Printable] if you need more inspiration or you just want to grab cute free Valentines printables. 

#1 – DIY Valentine’s Day Greeting Card – Stamp me up

diy valentine card ideas

I was inspired by the work of Yuan Xu from Lemon Drop Papers when making this card. And honestly, from all three designs, this one was the easiest to craft.

For this card, you’ll need: 

Here are the how-to instructions (look at the photos below): 

Step 1: Cut out the card base & small envelopes

Step 2: Glue up the small envelopes & write your words

Step 3: Add the small heart stamps

Step 4: Highlight the words using a black marker

And that’s it. You’ve made yourself one cute DIY Valentine’s Day card. Oh, but you can leave envelopes open and put some sassy or funny message in them. Just an idea. 🙂 

#2 – DIY Valentine’s Day Card – Catch me if you can

diy valentine card ideas

This is definitely my favorite DIY Valentine’s Day card idea. I love the leave stamps and drawing the love frame was so exciting! If you’re love drawing then this card is just perfect for you. Also, I kinda didn’t want to write classic Valentine sayings or quotes. I wanted it to be a bit different. ‘Catch me if you can’ was ideal for the love catcher, don’t you think? 

You’ll need: 


How-to instructions (check out the Boomerang video for my sketch preview):

   Step 1: Cut out the card base from a white cardboard 

   Step 2: Draw a love frame 

   Step 3: Add leave stamps 

   Step 4: Highlight the words using a black marker in the middle of the love frame


This is my sketch drawing. Unfortunately, all the how-to photos were very dark and I didn’t want to post them. But I’m sure you can figure out the essence of how to make the card from this clip. 

#2 – DIY Valentine’s Day Card – My heart flutter 

diy valentine card ideas

Aaaaa yes, this one is a classical Valentine card. Cuz, what’s Valentine’s Day without I love you, right? I was pretty much enjoying this craft since there’s a lot of cutting and gluing. And I love the saying in the middle of the heart. 

In order to make one alike, you’ll need: 

Here are the how-to instructions (look at the photos below): 

Step 1: Cut out the card base & the hearts for the middle frame. 

Step 2: Add a bigger heart frame in the middle of your card base (without glue!) and use dark & light pink stamps simultaneously to make a background around it. 

Step 3: Write your words in the middle of a smaller heart frame

Step 4: Glue-up bigger and smaller hearts together

Step 5: Cut out three small rectangle shapes from foam and glue them up on your heart frame and then to the card base

Step 6: Add a black ‘I love you’ stamp in the bottom right corner of your card


I really hope that you’ve enjoyed my DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas. Feel free to customize and add a bit of your charm to my ideas and share your creations on Instagram and Pinterest so I can see them too!

Which one of these cards is your favorite and why? 




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