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Free Printable Letter To Santa Templates: 6 Joyous Designs

free printable letter to santa

free printable letter to santa_pinWe all remember how we wrote to Santa. We may even remember what we asked him to bring us because we were good during the year. Some of us may have kept those letters. So don’t miss the opportunity for your child to write a letter to Santa Claus. 

Have your kids fill out a free printable letter to Santa templates or let them write what they want in a free printable blank letter to Santa. 🎅🏻

The letter to Santa Claus is of great help. This way you and the grandparents, aunts, and others will certainly not be able to fail when choosing the right Christmas gift for your kids. 🎁

Besides, you will hear hilarious things from your kids while they are writing a letter to Santa. 


No matter how old your child is, don’t miss this moment,
and be sure to keep
the letter as a souvenir.


I have created six different free printable letters to Santa. There is three fill in letters and three blank letters for you to choose from. Take a look at the gallery below and find your favorite design.

Free Printable Letter To Santa Templates:
Letter to Santa_6
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Let the child believe in Santa Claus 🎅🏻 

There is no reason why you would disturb their dream before they turn six or seven. Most psychologists think that it is good for children to believe in Santa Claus, who is the personification of goodness and gives gifts even to those who have not been good over the year!

Like good fairies, he helps kids develop imagination and creativity, and these are the qualities that are at the center of all activities at that age.

letter to santa

Image Source: Bebac

But, in the end, the day will come when he will just start to doubt the existence of a good grandpa from the far north. When he gets to “big school”, he will discover logic and mathematics, and there will be less and less room for the imaginary in his world.

Besides, have you ever met someone being angry at their parents for letting them believe in Santa? 

I hope you enjoy these free printable letters to Santa. I would love to hear from you! Tell me what you think in the comments below. 💭




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