Before I begin describing the beauty of Herceg Novi and its surroundings, I have to emphasize that I adore the Montenegrin coast! “If you put your finger in the sea, you’re connected to the whole world”, they say. This is the first thing I recall when thinking about the Mediterranean coastline.

I first started coming here ten years ago. My family and I used to spend summers in Montenegro, so here I really feel at home. Montenegro is simply beautiful! What I remember most is the unique mixed scent of cypresses and sea. I also remember beautiful evenings on the beach, overlooking the fishermen’s boats on the peaceful sea below a mountain in the bay. I always feel somehow different here – cheerful and happy. Thus, I never stayed in Herceg Novi, then it the towns near Kotor, so this was my ideal chance to explore the area further.

Herceg Novi (meaning “New Castle”) is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor below the Mount Orjen. This Medieval town dates back to the 14th century. At the time, due to the developed salt production and trade, the city was a serious rival to Dubrovnik. Herceg Novi is considered as the city of sun, rocks, artists, as well as mimosa flowers, and represents a true oasis of peace in comparison to the rest of the party atmosphere at the Montenegrin coastline (like Tivat, Budva, Bar, etc.). Also, the Herceg Novi Riviera includes several smaller towns: Kamenari, Bijela, Baošići, Đenovići, Kumbor, Zelenika, Meljine, Igalo, Njivice, and the Luštice peninsula.

Moreover, Herceg Novi is called “the sunshine town” since it has a large number of sunny hours annually. According to the official data, the city has 10.7 sunny hours per day in July and August and up to 200 sunny days per year. If you take a walk along the promenade, you’ll realize why a sunset is the main event here. It was really magical looking the sun going down behind the mountains!

My husband and I were staying with our friends who live in the small town Đenovići in Herceg Novi Municipality, and therefore we spend most of our time having fun at the beach or in a speedboat driving. It was a couple of days of pure relaxation, enjoying excellent seafood, and making the most of our time. The inhabitants are very hospitable, talkative and amusing.

Since I like waking up early (especially when traveling) every morning I would make myself a cup of coffee and sit on the terrace. Alone. And I would enjoy with all my heart those moments of tranquility. You could hear the sound of harmony, sparkled with the wonderful performance of the swallows in the sky. And the enchanting smell of cypresses and the Adriatic Sea. Oh, it was magical! In such a harmony, you only feel peace. And a desire for such an idyll in real life, in the everyday noise of the urban environment. At least that’s what I am striving for.

However, we didn’t miss to wander around and explore the city. Even dow the old town seems quite small (e.g. when compared to Dubrovnik) this city abounds in cultural and historical heritage dating back to the Middle Ages. It is interesting that 89 from a total of 342 immovable cultural monuments in Montenegro are located in the Herceg Novi area. There are a few annual festivities such as the Herceg Novi Mimosa Festival, the Annual Theatre Festival, the Festival of Cinema – Montenegro Film Festival, as well as the music festival Days of Music in Herceg Novi. This is actually a coastal city that lives all year-round, which is not the case with the rest of cities along the Montenegro coastline.

Herceg Novi is fairly budget-friendly, however, if you are looking for a place with a lot of activities, this city isn’t the best choice. Rather is for those who are looking for a relaxing and refreshing vacation by the sea. Thus, don’t miss to visit Herceg Novi if you are passing by! 

Herceg Novi is also famous for the interlacing of old stone houses and narrow cobbled streets, with a divine view of the open turquoise blue sea. As such this city has always attracted artists, actors, and painters. Among the others, Ivo Andrić a famous Yugoslav novelist, poet, diplomat, and Nobel Prize laureate (1961) used to live here for some time. Enchanted by this city he wrote that Herceg Novi is “a town of eternal greenery, sun, and stairs”. The Andrić’s mansion (or House of Ivo Andrić) can still be found in Herceg Novi.

The Old Town is a small, cozy, and vivid place, and the center of activity in the city. Wandering through the narrow-cobbled streets and steps one can see the well-preserved stone buildings surrounded by the defiant walls and several towers: Sahat – Kula (Clock Tower) and Kanli – Kula (or Bloody Tower), as well as the Fortress Španjola and Fortress Forte Mare. All this allow you to feel the living spirit of the past, and see why this town is called the Prince of the Kotor Bay.

Lots of Love, 

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