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DIY: How To Make A Pastel Rainbow Wall Hanging

pastel rainbow wall hanging

HOW TO MAKE A PASTEL RAINBOW WALL HANGINGIsn’t it wonderful to decorate your home with items we make by ourselves? The things we choose for our interior show our personality and our taste. With original wall decoration, you’ll refresh your living space plus if you make it yourself, it will be truly unique!

Because, from time to time, we all need at least a small change of our living space. And I will present to you an easy way to achieve that, without spending too much money. With this wall hanging, you can decorate almost any room in your apartment and thus make it modern and comfortable.  

In the following, I bring you step-by-step instructions on how to make a cute DIY pastel rainbow wall hanging made from rope. This decoration is ideal for a nursery room, but you can put it literally on any wall in your house. 

For this craft project, I was inspired by a lot of lovely rainbow wall hanging ideas I saw on Pinterest

pastel rainbow wall hanging

With a little patience, you can easily make this wall decor that will illuminate your home and definitely draw the attention of your guests.


pastel rainbow wall hanging supplies–  Natural Cotton Rope 
– 6 Embroidery Cotton Threads (in colors of your choice)
– Silver Wire For Crafts
– Washi Tape
– Cutting Pliers
– Needle 


Step #1 – Make a rainbow shape from the rope

The first step in making this pastel rainbow wall hanging is laying the cotton rope out in a rainbow shape. I opted for six arches for my design, but you can work out with less or more than that. It’s totally up to you. 

As you can see in the photo below, my rainbow is approximately 25 cm wide.

I also used clear tape in order to easily cut the rope between each arch. You can use some good scissors or a scalpel for cutting. And put a washi tape, painter, or any other kind of tape on each end. This way you’re preventing the rope from unwinding. 


Step #2 – Draw a line that will mark the beginning of the thread winding

The second step is about making a decision on how long the fridge should be. In my case, the rainbow starts approximately 7 cm from the end of the arches. However, it isn’t certain that it will be the same at the end of the wrapping since each rope is stretched while doing that. 

Remember that the fridge represents the clouds, so try to make the best possible decision on how big you want it to be, so that you’re satisfied with your rainbow wall hanging decoration et the end of crafting.

I’ve drawn the line on both sides (using an HB pen), but you can use clear tape for this too. If your arches are unequal lengths (see the photo below) don’t worry about it, at the end of the process we will beautify and even them out.


Step #3 – Add a craft wire to hold the arches

In order to gain a perfect rainbow form, you’ll need a wire. You can use either a floral wire or like in my case a craft one. It’s totally up to you. The only difference between the two is color – floras wires are by default green and craft wire is most likely silver. 

I was measuring my wires in regard to the exposed rope and I stuffed the wire in the rope on the backside (see photo below). You can use another method – with the help of clear tape you can attach a wire to the rope (do that for each end and in the middle). 


Step #4 – Use cotton threads to wrap the rope

After you’ve done with all the technical preparations you can start the real funny part in making the pastel rainbow wall hanging – wrapping the rope with the threads! It felt like zen while I was doing it, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much.  

So, choose your color and place approximately 1 cm of thread in the direction of the end of the rope, and start winding the thread from the line you have previously marked (step #2). This as well I was doing from the backside. 

Wrap the thread tightly and try not to overlap or leave any gaps. Once you reach the end of the rope, use a needle to stuff the thread under the wrapped area, and cut the rest of it with the scissors.

Repeat this step for each arch. It will definitely take a while. But try to see good in that. I see it as a meditation or relaxation time. If you’d rather, you can split the wrapping process into a few days.


Step #5 – Use thread to even the arches

It’s time to give a real rainbow form to your wall hanging. Line up the arches and use a needle and thread to connect these together. Apply that two times on both sides (see photo below). 

If you find this a bit too much, you can put the arches together with hot glue too.


Step #6 – Unravel the rope and trim the clouds

Remove the tape from each arch and unravel the rope. Maybe you’ll like the fluffy style of your endings, but if not, you can comb them with a brush. Finally, use scissors to even out the ends.


Step #7 – Add a hanger

To be able for hanging this rainbow on the wall, you need to make a hanger on the back. I’ve used a thicker thread and I sewed it up. With this last step, my pastel rainbow wall hanging was finished!



And voilá! This lovely craft project is finished! And I’m so thrilled with how it turned out! Since we’re still arranging Xara’s room, this cute DIY pastel rainbow wall hanging doesn’t brighten the nursery wall as planned at the beginning. I can’t wait for everything to be finished so I can show you until then I keep it for my little girl. 

diy pastel rainbow wall hanging

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’ve enjoyed this craft project!

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