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How To Make A Collaged Envelope From Magazine Cutouts

envelope collage

Dear Friend,

If you scroll through Pinterest in search of DIY snail mail ideas you’ll find tons of wonderfully decorated envelopes. Illustrations, calligraphy, sketches, collage, and watercolor technic decorate most envelopes and many are truly works of art. To the extent that sometimes you feel ashamed because you think that you’ll never be able to make something like that with your mail.

You’re wrong after all. The beauty of creation lies in individuality. You can find an idea that you like, but your creation doesn’t have to be identical to the original. Improvise, add your ideas, leave your mark on your piece of art.

Now, when it comes to collage envelopes, all this makes special sense. It is really difficult to make an ideal piece; first of all, because the supplies used are diverse and it takes much more time to find identical cutouts and stickers than for the production itself. Secondly, even if you could find them, so many different ones are necessary (like old postage stamps, vintage stickers, old newspaper/magazine pages, etc.) that you would really have to spend a lot of money on this one project. Third, if you can’t buy them in nearby craft stores, you would have to order them online, and the delivery time is sometimes up to a month. (Like in my case, btw.) Eventually, by the time those cutie-pies arrive, you already have another idea or you don’t want to do this one anymore.

I really wanted to spice up my snail mail and I really, really wanted to make a collaged envelope. So I came up with the idea of using old magazine cutouts and make my own stickers from some old notes. 

Below I present to you my tutorial on how to make a collaged envelope from old magazine cutouts without spending a single penny.

collaged envelope


  • A7 or 5×7 envelopes in a square (but any envelope will do actually)
  • Old magazine cutouts (text samples, flowers, etc.)
  • Old notes cutouts (hearts, birds, butterflies, etc.)
  • Sticker notes (one gray, two pink, and one floral)
  • Old postage stamps (You can use some from your old mail.)
  • Lace tape 
  • Seals (Special delivery, Priority Mail, and graphite lined seal)
  • Glue Stick 
  • Scissors 
  • Mini heart punch (Optional; you can cut out hearts with the scissors, too.) 

collaged envelope supplies


Below you can see my photo tutorial for better insights: 

  • Place the envelope on the magazine text cutouts and trace out the envelope. (I was using two cutouts for the front side, and one for the backside as well as for the envelope flap.) Choose your preferable sizes for text cutouts. Cut out along the traced lines and glue cutouts onto the envelope. (Photos 1 to 3)
  • Glue the lace tape on the front left over the text cutout. Make sure it’s to the edge. Add the gray note sticker in the middle over the text cutout. (Photo 4)
  • Glue the preferable magazine cutouts over the text cutout. I was using flowers, a butterfly, an old birdcage, and a little girl. (Photo 5) Additionally, add smaller cutouts to fill the empty places. And finally, stick a nice addressing sticker and old postage stamps. (Photo 6)
  • Glue up a magazine cutouts over the text cutout (like flowers) on the envelope flap. Add sam smaller cutouts to fill the empty space. I was using a bird and heart. [All hearts are made with the mini heart punch.] (Photo 7)
  • On the backside, glue up the magazine cutouts over the rest of the text cutout. I was using a heart, flowers, and a girl with an old birdcage. The rest of the empty space decorate with hearts and flowers. (Photo 8)
  • Finally, use seals to decorate your collaged envelope. (Photo 9)
  • And that’s it, enjoy your little work of art. (Photo 10)

how to make a collage envelope tutorial


In the end, this is how my collaged envelope looks like: 

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial on how to make a collaged envelope. Try it, improvise, play with your ideas, add a little bit of pixie dust onto your creations. And don’t forget to pin your ideas! 🙂

If you need some mail inspiration, check out my Pinterest board with a lot of great ideas for snail mailing and artsy correspondence. 


Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting! ✄ 



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