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A Letter To My Daughter When She Grows Up

A Letter To My Daughter When She Grows Up

Dear Friend,

A Letter To My Daughter When She Grows UpMy baby girl turns six months in a few days now and one thought is spinning in my mind lately – how time quickly goes by and how I will surely forget to tell her what I have wished for her since the day she was born.

This is why I’ve decided to write a letter to my daughter when she grows up. 

I have 11 wishes to her:

Wish #1 – Be confident and patient

Nothing in life can be gained immediately. Everything we dream about requires hard work, persistence, confidence, and patience. This is why you have to believe in your abilities, nurture your talents and always trust your instincts. 

Wish #2 – Be responsible

To cope with the challenges of everyday life and better organize your time, it is important to be responsible. Respect your time so you can respect someone else’s. Do not be late dor a meeting, not in school, not in a theater, not with friends.

Wish #3 – Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you

My father taught me this. This sentence marked my childhood and I always remember it when I think about the ugly reactions of my acquaintances, friends, colleagues. Remember, what goes around, comes around.

Life is the wheel of happiness. The faster it turns, the more happiness dissipates. The question is who will spin it. So, think twice before you say something you might regret later. 

Wish #4 – Respect the elderly and be kind

Always show respect for the elderly. Kindness is the key that opens the door of the human soul. Do not overdo it, as it may cause astonishment. Just be yourself. 

Wish #5 – Always find a reason to smile

It’s not all rosy in life and difficult situations will happen. There will be moments when you have to make drastic decisions. In every trouble find a reason for joy and a smile. It will be easier to handle shipwrecks, and after all, everything ugly will be quickly forgotten. Believe me. 

Wish #6 – Enjoy the little things in life 

Life consists of little things. It’s made up of moments. A word. A rime. A smile. A kiss. A hug. For those things, there are no rewards nor great titles. Keep your eyes wide open, little things are all around us. 

Wish #7 – Believe in love and Santa Claus

Love is the basic unit of being. It is also a fundamental source of inspiration, action, development, and advancement. Pure and incorrupt, love allows us to fantasize and find magic every step of the way. And so, my dear, love selflessly and wholeheartedly. Everyone. Always.

Love cannot be consumed, it cannot disappear, but it can be suffocated. You will learn it yourself over time and you will most likely feel it on your skin. When the time comes. Until then, whatever others tell you, don’t believe it, Santa Claus exists when we believe enough.

Wish #8 – Don’t attach importance to money

You realize already that in life (unfortunately) everything material that surrounds us has a price. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but mainly unrealistic.

You also understand that except for buying books, food, hygiene products, clothing, a few pieces of technology, and traveling, money doesn’t matter. Its value is exaggerated and leads to senseless discrimination in our society.

Respect the money, especially when you start to earn it yourself, but do not overestimate its importance. Real-life values have no price. Remember that.

Wish #9 – Keep and nurture friendships

Man is not destined to live alone. Each of us enjoys the company of others. These are our friends. 

They laugh with us, cry with us, dance with us, play with us. We help each other, we understand each other, yet that doesn’t automatically mean that we always share the same opinions about everything.

Each individual has the right to think for himself. And if we disagree with some thinking, we respect each other. This is friendship. You don’t need to have many friends, but as much as you have, respect them, so they will respect you too.

Wish #10 – Protect your health

Health is the most important thing in life. By now, by the circumstances, you have been taught to take care of yourself. Don’t be a hypochondriac, but see a doctor when the need arises. Do nothing on your own to help yourself if you feel a cold or weakness.

Wish #11 – Travel a lot

We get to know different cultures and lifestyles through travel; we learn to respect diversity and to appreciate other traditions. But the journey also strengthens the mind and spirit, makes us recharge our batteries, and feel better when coming back home. Travel whenever the opportunity arises.

Love you forever, 


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