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Make Cards Using Leftovers: Two Easter Ideas

Do you also keep leftovers from your craft projects? Me too! I just realized I have a lot of them so I decided to have them upcycled. 

I’ll present to you the two Easter card ideas I’ve made using my leftovers. Btw, these are also my last Easter card ideas for this year…

The inspiration for this card project came from Didiar and her lovely save waste (raok) packs! Check out her IG blog (@dijournal2020), she makes amazing junk journals, starter kits, and ephemera.

In the following, I’ll explain to you how to make cards using your leftovers as the main supplies. Plus, Washi tapes, silicone stamps, and markers for the embellishments and card decorations. 

Idea #1 – Pastel Pink Easter Egg Ornament Card


I’m really pleased with how this card turned out. Love the pastel colors and the minimalist reflection it radiates. As my friend would say – simple, but effective. 

HOW-TO: (see photos below) I first made a 3D egg from the patterned paper leftovers. You need to cut a minimum of three egg shapes and glue them together, taking into account that the half of the first and half of the last shape need to be glued to the card base. Second, I used a pink thread as a hanger and then the pink ribbon from which I made the bow. Third, I had a pink frame from before and thought it might fit perfect into this idea. I wasn’t wrong, it turned out great. I glued pink thread first, then a frame, then a 3D egg, and finally a pink bow. With the help of a gray highlither and ruler, I drew a frame on the card base, and then another just below the pink frame. Finally, I used a light pink highliter and gray highlighter to write “Happy Easter” greetings on the card. 

make cards using your leftovers


make cards using leftovers


Idea #2 – Washi Tape Easter Eggs Card


I have to admit that this card was a bit more demanding after all. I love Washi tapes, but when it comes to modeling them, it can sometimes be really challenging. And this time it really was. Although when I look at how it turned out, I’m happy for every annoyance.

HOW-TO: (see photos below) Since I had a green paper scrap from before, I realized that I could use it as a shape for grass, and then I drew the grass with the help of a green highlighter. Then I cut out four egg shapes from a few scrapbook papers, which were white on one side, and decided to decorate them with Washi tapes. And that’s where the fun begins. It was easy with the first egg. Glue the two strips against each other, diagonally. However, when it comes to the third egg (with pink hearts) and the fourth (with lines), you have to make sure that the hearts match, as well as the lines. This requires a little more patience since these are adhesive tapes.

The biggest challenge was the third egg. First, you need to cut four thin strips with the help of a wave shape scissors. It’s challenging. Honestly. And then it’s necessary to align the strips so that the shapes match, in my case the waves. When you do that, it’s like putting together a puzzle.

On the (green) card base add a white shape that you previously also cutout with shape scissors you use for the Washi tape strips. First glue the eggs, then the grass, and then add the green ribbon to the upper left corner of the white background. I used a silicone stamp and a pastel pink shade for the “Easter” greeting, as well as for floral decoration in the upper right corner of the white background. Finally, with the help of a green highlighter, I framed a white background, and with the help of a silicone stamp and black ink, I put a little butterfly on the second egg. To make the eggs, grass, and ribbon look a little bunchy, I used foam leftovers. And, the card was finished! 

make cards using your leftovers


make cards using leftovers



Thanks for stopping by today! I hope this project inspired you to make cards using leftovers! 

We should respect Mother Nature and upcycle & recycle every time an opportunity arises. In that sense, I plan to make a big “save waste” papercraft giveaway on my IG profile once I reach 350 followers. Visit my profile, follow me (@retro.sparks) and stay up to date. 

PS. I have a blog post with three super cute Easter cards that I did with the watercolor technique. Take a look, there are some interesting details and tips.







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