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7 Must-Haves For Your Craft Room Pegboard

must-haves for craft room pegboard

must-haves for craft room pegboardDear Friend, 

Many people engage in various crafty hobbies to relax for a moment, disconnect from the burdensome everyday life and enjoy at least for a little.

And for all of us, creative souls, owning a part in a home that is dedicated solely to us and our activities is a true paradise.  

If you belong to this group as well, then this text will interest you because I will show you what are the must-haves for a pegboard in your craft space.

These will definitely give a special charm to your creative corner, but also enable the better organization and accessibility for your supplies.

I plan to make a pegboard in my craft corner soon, so I did a little research on Pinterest to see what are the best accessory ideas for a visually appealing pegboard in a craft room. 

As a result, here come, in my opinion, seven must-haves for your craft room pegboard (by clicking on the image a new window opens for more details): 

1. Buckets, Containers, Bins Or Mini Pails On Your Pegboard

Pegboard buckets, containers, bins, or mini pails can be purchased at any one euro/dollar store, as well as on Amazon and in IKEA. In these, you can store your pens, pencils, markers, paintbrushes, chalk, hot glue gun sticks, glue gun, etc. 

Check out these great ideas for inspiration: 

2. Pegboard Baskets

You can use a different sort of baskets – plastic, metal, or even make your own. They are suitable for craft paper organization, notebooks, journals, books, stickers, or other materials that can fit these holders. I think they are great for stuff you use very often. 

Here are some nice ideas:

3. Pegboard Shelves 

Shelves are a practical thing. Everywhere, as well as on the craft pegboard. You can put some decorations, jars, but also a hole puncher, a stapler, etc. Basically, whatever you want. 

I found these awesome shelf ideas for a craft pegboard:

4. Ribbon And/Or Washi Tape Pegboard Organization 

There are so many crazy ways to organize your ribbon and washi tape collections, but the ones for a pegboard are the most beautiful for me. 

They can be made, for instance, in a frame, which is one wonderful artistic idea. Look at the gallery for more inspiration: 

5. Decor For Your Pegboard

I’m sure you have a style of decorating. However, sometimes we all lack inspiration … and that is completely normal. To decorate your pegboard, you just need to let your imagination run wild – light bulbs, flowers, ornaments, clock, pom poms or paper garlands, it’s totally up to you. 

Here are some interesting decor solutions to tickle your imagination:

6. Clipboard Or Letter Board On Your Pegboard

What is interesting with the clipboard and letter board is that you can also use them as decoration. But they can serve more practical purposes. For instance, you can use the clipboard to hang your printables or letter board as a reminder. 

Find some cool concepts in the gallery below: 

7. Crafty Tools Space On Your Pegboard

Crafty tools like scissors, glue guns, staple guns, measuring tapes, or Cricut tools are our most important supplies. Without them, we would not be able to realize our creative projects. And that is exactly why they should be given the most attention on the pegboard. 

I think the authors of the pegboards in the gallery below would agree with me. 🙂 Check these ideas out: 

I hope you found some inspiration looking through the galleries of 7 must-haves for a craft room pegboard. The ladies have done great job and their organizational ideas are just wonderful. Honestly, I just can’t wait to make my own pegboard! 



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