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17 DIY Stationery Ideas That’ll Never Go Out Of Style

diy stationery ideas

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17 diy stationery ideasYou must be familiar with the phrase ‘it will never go out of style‘, like a little black dress, or nice manners, or to be well organized. Well, the same goes for the sweet DIY stationery projects. 

Every corner of your stationery has its unique trendy representative. From gorgeous stationery sets, via beautifully designed papers, to creatively decorated pens and other features. 

Competition is great, creativity is high, but every rule has exceptions, and there are some stationery DIY projects which become like trendsetters so that everything after is like a variation on the theme. 

I’ve done some research on the web to see what kind of DIY stationery ideas are the most popular and eventually came up with a list of those that in most cases served as an inspiration for others. 

So, here are 17 DIY stationery ideas that’ll in my humble opinion never go out of style. 

1. DIY Stationery Kit by Jacquelyn Clark (via Style Me Pretty Living) 

diy stationery kit

Image Source: Style Me Pretty Living











This kit can be a great gift idea, but you can also make one for yourself. Check out the step-by-step instructions for this cutie-pie.


2. Marble Paper DIY by Ruff and Renew

diy marbled paper

Image Source: Ruff and Renew











As seen in the photo tutorial by Ruff and Renew this is an awesome project with shaving cream and paint/food coloring. With a lot of fun!


3. DIY Confetti Postcard by The House That Lars Built

diy confetti postcard

Image Source: The House That Lars Built










When I first saw these cute postcards I was thrilled. It’s such an original idea! And also quite easy to do it yourself. Thanks to Brittany we have a full tutorial. 


4. String Tie Envelopes by The Craft Corner

diy stationery string tie envelope

Image Source: The Craft Corner









Definitely one of my favorite DIY stationery projects. And you only need 20 minutes to make one by yourself. Give it a try! 


5. Envelope Dressing With Washi Tape by White House Crafts

diy washi tape envelope

Image Source: White House Crafts










Need some decoration for a white envelope? No problem, Antonella has an original idea, plus easy and fun! Decorate your white ‘boring’ envelope with these washi tape flaps! 


6. DIY: Pretty Paper Clips by Live The Fancy Life

diy ribbon paper clips

Image Source: Live The Fancy Life









Inexpensive and cute idea, you just need a couple of things that you probably already have (like colorful ribbons and paper clips). These pretty paper clips are ideal for your bullet journal or scrapbook, but you can also use them as bookmarks. 


7. DIY Origami Envelope by Colors Paper 

diy origami envelope

Image Source: Colors Paper







The Japanese art of paper folding is a bit more demanding work, but for fans of origami, it will definitely be a real pleasure. 


8. Quick DIY: Map Envelopes by Collective Gen 

diy map envelopes

Image Source: Collective Gen











Perfect idea for a travel journal or scrapbook. You can you Atlas pages or maps. Take a look at the tutorial, there is also a free template. 


9. Heart-Shaped Envelopes by A Girl And A Glue Gun

diy heart shaped envelope

Image Source: A Girl And A Glue Gun











Really one simple craft, but still beautiful. This a wonderful idea for Valentine’s day. 


10. Turn A Note Into An Envelope by Dream A Little Bigger

how to fold a note into an envelope

Image Source: Dream A Little Bigger








Original, fun, perfect for last-minute snail mail. All you need is to write a message on a crafty colorful paper and fold it into an envelope. Simple as that. 


11. DIY Galaxy Envelopes by Mini Eco

diy space galaxy envelopes

Images Source: Mini Eco











For the lovers of the space and galaxy. All you need is a page from an astronomy magazine or some similar galaxy paper design. 


12. DIY Envelope Book by Instructables

diy stationery envelope book

Image Source: Instructables










This DIY envelope book is a bit demanding craft (it has 21 steps!), but it’s really phenomenal at the end. The idea for “I know what you’re going to do this weekend”. 🙂 


13. Washi Tape Cards by Laura’s Crafty Life

diy stationery washi tape cards

Image Source: Laura’s Crafty Life











Simple, but ideal gift for your family and friends. And, it takes only 5 minutes to make one washi tape card.


14. DIY Cute Box Envelopes by Paper And Landscapes 

diy stationery box envelopes

Image Source: Paper And Landscapes









These cute box envelopes can be great for keeping money or maybe some documents, and they’re really inexpensive to make. 


15. DIY Decorative Pens With Polymer Clay by Suzy’s Sitcom (via Ideas For The Home By Kenarry)

diy stationery polymer clay covered pens

Image Source: Ideas For The Home By Kenarry











Decorating your pens can be a real fun thanks to this super tutorial. You need imagination, polymer clay, and a bit of time. 


16. DIY Envelope Liner by Sally Cameron Griffiths

diy envelope liners

Image Source: The Guardian








She made a trend with DIY envelope liners back in 2009. It was published by Guardian. Yup. Take a look at this step-by-step tutorial. Pretty cute one.


17.  DIY Rubber Stamp by Dear Handmade Life

diy stationery rubber stamp

Image Source: Dear Handmade Life








In just 8 steps you can make your own stamp. And back in 2014, this was one pretty revolutionary idea! 😀

I really hope you find this list of 17 DIY stationery ideas useful and inspirational as well. 

Happy crafting! 



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