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10+ Stylishly Decorated Envelopes For Your Snail Mail

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Dear Friend, 

Decorated EnvelopesYou want to dazzle your penpal’s mailbox and you are looking for ideas on decorated envelopes that fit perfectly to your snail mail?

Well, you’re in the right place then, because in the raws that follow I’ll show you some stylishly decorated envelopes and you will find some inspiration here. And more importantly, these ideas are great if you’re not an incredibly talented artist. You can just improvise. Be yourself. 

Plus, you can make them without spending a lot of money on decoration supplies. 

Just so you know, we all sometimes get lost in a dead-end on ideas. And sometimes we need a bit of inspiration to tickle our imagination.

Check out these 13 decorated envelopes that can give a special touch to your snail mail. 

#1 – Collaged Envelope 

Great opportunity to use leftover materials from projects. But you can also make a collage decorations on the envelope with stickers, magazine clippings, wrapping paper, washi tapes, used postage stamps, ink stamps, etc. Basically, you can use anything you find appropriate for making these gorgeous envelopes. 

Check out my tutorial on how to make a collaged envelope as in this photo: 

collage snail mail decorated envelopes

#2 – Pens & Paints Envelope

Black pan and colorful paints and you are ready to go. It doesn’t matter if you are an artsy type or not, with a little bit of imagination you can decorate many lovely envelopes.

decorated envelopes

Image Source: Snailmail Magazine

#3 – Watercolored Envelope

The watercolor technic is a bit complicated. I have tried once to paint, but in the end, it was a blurry nothing. However, if you are the watercolor magician this stylish envelope decoration idea is something you should try. 

watercolor decorated envelopes

Image Source: Live Life And Dream

#4 – Doodle Up Your Envelope

If your thoughts are preoccupied with important events and you are quite busy so you don’t have time to devote yourself to more demanding envelope decorating for your snail mail, doodling is the ideal solution. 

doodle decorated envelopes

Image Source: Puenktchen und Buntfleck

#5 – Envelope Decorated With Old Newspaper

It is a similar idea with a collage envelope decoration, yet you can make an envelope from an old newspaper, or even decorate brown or a white one with cuts from the newspaper. Add some stickers to it and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully dressed envelope for your penpal. 

decorated envelopes

Image Source: @penpalmarie

#6 – Washi Tape Envelope 

Washi tape is definitely the easiest way to decorate your envelope. With a little help of punchers (like heart or raindrop puncher), you can add that special small effect to your snail mail and make your envelope look pretty and classy. 

washi tape decorated envelopes

Image Source: Papered Thoughts

#7 – Envelope Decorated With Illustrations

Well, this one is a bit challenging task, but it’s worth trying. Write your favorite quote or draw a book, cup of coffee, balloons… Let your imagination run and illustrate your envelope the way you like it. 

illustration decorated envelopes

Image Source: @ckenyee

#8 – Calligraphy & Lettering Envelope

For those who have a feeling for calligraphy and lettering, this way of decorating an envelope is fast, easy, and interesting. Simple address an envelope in hand lettering or calligraphy and you have a piece of art in your hands. And most importantly, your penpal will be knocked off its feet when it receives such a decorated envelope.

calligraphy and lettering decorated envelopes

Image Source: Pretty Postal

#9 – Sketchy Decorated Envelope

A sketch decoration for your snail mail is the ideal solution if, due to various obligations, you’re not able to dedicate yourself to the detailed envelope decoration, but you want it to have at least some charm.

sketchy decorated envelopes

Image Source: Pinterest

#10 – Envelope Decorated With Mandala

I love mandalas. Not just because they look wonderful, but also because they are a good way to stress relief. All that in combination with snail mailing is a reason more to make one as a decoration on your envelope. 

mandala envelopes

Image Source: Pushing The Envelopes

#11 – Rubber Stamp Envelope 

If you are willing to invest a little money in rubber stamps or if you already own a few, the rubber stamp envelope decoration idea is a great solution. Plenty of different stamps combined with vintage stamps and all sealed wax give a real retro flair to your snail mail. 

rubber stamp decor

Image Source: Pinterest

#12 – Stickers Envelope

Mix up retro, vintage, floral, birdy, butterfly, and stickers with quotes with old coupons and postal stamps. Add some washi tape with taste, without exaggeration, and voilà you’ve got yourself a waggish envelope. Let’s be honest, we all would have a big smile on our faces if we would receive an envelope like this. 

stickers decoration

Image Source: @yulia_pc

#13 – Floral Envelope 

A super easy, but elegant way to decorate your envelope. You can use a floral wrapping paper, cut out the flowers, and glue them on your envelope. Or you can download some free printable floral images, for instance. There is a third possibility too – cut out some flowers from any old magazine. 

floral envelope

Image Source: Bohème Circus

#14 – Envelope Decorated With Vintage Ephemera

One of my favorite ways to decorate an envelope is with the little help of vintage ephemera. You maybe have some in your stack for scrapbooking or journaling, but you can also download free printable vintage images

vintage ephemera

Image Source: Pinterest

I hope you’ve got inspired by my list of decorated envelopes for your snail mail. How about we make some creative envelope decorations now? Make someone happy today, share love & pin it to Pinterest! 🙂 


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