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The Vision Matters: Five Essential Stationery Pieces For A True Letter Lover

For lovers of the art and practice of correspondence, it is very important that we know which are the must-have stationery details. Personally, I find it as a great pleasure when I am thinking about all the little things I need for the next correspondence adventure, or when go shopping and make a choice of choices among a variety of chick stationery pieces. It is a real joy and relaxation. And somehow there is always room for more gorgeous stationery items.

I was thinking about the must-haves stationeries that every true correspondence enthusiast should have, and here is the list of my choices:


1. Basic Planner or Notebook  

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As a stationery lover, you would agree with me that the feeling when writing in a new planner, or a new notebook is precious. It is a real moment of joy, often followed with new ideas. But it can be, also, the motivation for successfully performing tasks from your to-do list.  A planner or notebook can contain many pages: day plans, list of birthdays, important dates, contacts list, and notes. Thus, a notebook let you create and improvise. It is your call.

After all, who does not like the adorable little planner or notebook? And who minds another one on the shelf?



2. The Letter Set 

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It is good to have some basic letter set on hand. A classic one, consisting of envelopes and a paper note, and maybe some crafts you make can be very helpful. This set is a guarantee that you won’t be missing out on anything. The classic letter set can get you out of a dilemma when you suddenly get the inspiration to write to your penpal. It is a set you can always return to. However, plain white paper and a postal envelope always remain a solution for those who are passionate and enjoyable for calligraphy, but also for the eternal romantics and dreamers. Their art of writing has a special shine.



3. The Rainbow Pen Set  

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Whether you are writing a note of love or a birthday card say it stylish with a glossy or a pastel tint. A few words or a composition can be pinned down with a little bit of a sparkling ink so that they can remain as a glittering memory.

There are plenty of different labels and I am pretty sure that you can find some in the nearest bookstore.





4. The decorating masking tape  

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With these little fellows, you can do a lot of creative crafts in your letters. You can stick it, tear it, reposition it many times, and even write on it! I use them mostly for decorating the envelopes and gift wrapping. Originating from Japan, Washi Tape is a decorative masking tape that can be used for a verity of creative ideas.





5. Retro Stamps & Seals 

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These two little things are particularly interesting and often take time until you decide on an appropriate stamp and seal. The combinations are varied. It all depends on your imagination and creativity. It won’t be perfect at first. You have to recall that every great innovation demands some experiences! Take your time, eventually, you’ll find your way!





Finally, the stamping process in the correspondence fits a point at the end of the sentence. The moment when magic stops considering that going to the post office can sometimes be very tedious. But it is also an integral part of this adventure. Try it, it can be really fun!

Lots of love,



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