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Three Easy Tips For Choosing An Ideal Greeting Card

Do you remember when you found a greeting card in your mailbox for the first time? Was the occasion your birthday or Christmas, New Year, Easter? Or some other important date for you?

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I surely remember mine! It was a magnificent, snowy Christmas time in 1997 and I was 11 years old. I can still remember how simply designed the greeting card was. On the front page was presented a Christmas wreath with four white candles. Simple and elegant. Thus, I was far more fascinated by the text written on the other side, where my aunt wished all the best to my family and me. Eventually, as you know, it was a standard “Merry Christmas” text. However, for me, the fact that someone actually remembered us and sent greetings was a great impression! Aside from realizing only later that the written text is something that is implied, and it does not necessarily represent what is meant.

After sending greeting cards for more than a decade, I have realized that sometimes even myself have no inspiration or motivation for authentic writings and greetings. And also sometimes I lack the time. When that situation occurs, I put all my best in choosing an ideally designed greeting card. This doesn’t happen so often, though. I am more as “do-it-yourself-greeting-card” type of a correspondent. Still, there are some crucial elements and based on them I determine on the right greeting card. In fact, these elements represent my top three tips when choosing an ideal greeting card.

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First of all, the occasion for greeting someone is to be established. Is it a friendship day? Maybe the anniversary of your professional engagement? Mother’s birthday? Sister’s Ph.D. graduation day? Or is it a small sign of attention, the need to make someone know that you love him and that you care? Nevertheless, this should be the easy call to make.

Second, in finding a perfect greeting card it is important to recall the preferences of a person you are writing to. What does that person like? Is it more an artistic type? Or is it a pragmatic? An athlete? In short: What is so special about that person?

These two tips can be easily realized if a) we are well aware of the person to whom the greeting card is intended, and b) if we know where to look for the desired card.

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However, for those who think they have enough time, ideas and materials needed, remains a third possibility. It is, in fact, my third tip: Do it yourself! Make an ideal greeting card by yourself. This is definitely more intended for those who easily rely on their creativity. However, I think that everybody should try to make a greeting card for somebody at least once. There are several advantages to this endeavor: it is more personal, it is interwoven with millions of thoughts and positive vibrations of your actions, and the person who gets it would (should) appreciate more this kind of effort. Eventually, I always recall famous Tinkerbell’s quote of wisdom: “All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust”.

These are my elements when choosing an ideal greeting card. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I make them. It all depends on my inspiration basically. Maybe to you, this seems as to seriously studied discourse. I find it obvious since the art of letter writing means a great deal to me.

Lots of love,

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