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24 Awesome Pastel Themed Letter Writing Desk Features

pastel letter writing desk

Dear Friend, 

24 awesome pastel themed letter writing desk featuresEvery creative person needs their corner, the place where magical things happen. For the letter writing enthusiasts and snail mailers, the writing desk is their fortress. To be able to fully develop our potential and express our creativity, our working place must be organized exactly the way we want it.

People often strive for perfectionism in creativity. But what is perfectionism? Who is the one who can say ‘Yes, this is perfect!’? Tastes vary; something that one finds perfect, the other sees as utterly distasteful. Therefore, perfectionism is an absolutely subjective category.

In fact, people should completely reject this aspiration, return to childhood freedom, and let their imagination run wild. Because creativity happens when we’re feeling free. Free from speculations, feelings, and thoughts like what-will-they-say-about-it. 

Pastel Themed Letter Writing Desk 

I think that one needs to arrange stimulating working conditions to further develop his creativity. That means that your desk should be arranged so that it suits your needs. Accordingly, all letter writing desk features that help in better organization of supplies should be carefully chosen.  

Lately, I like pastel colors. They calm and inspire me. I try to surround myself with these soft colors. They make me more productive and even happier when I sit at my desk to write a letter, make a stationery project, or work on my blog. 

Here are my top pastel themed letter writing desk features that could help you to rearrange your supplies and boost creativity. [The numbers next to the features correspond to the link listed below the picture, so you can see more details about the item you like.] 

letter writing desk features


#1 – Rainbow Pastel Stationery Set
#2 – Pastel Memo Pads Mix
#3 – Desk File Organizer 
#4 – Paper Clips & Binder Clips
#5 – Pastel Pen Set

#6 – Highlighter Pastel Set
#7 – Stapler & 2-hole Punch Pastel Set
#8 – Pastel A4 Clipboard 
#9 – Glue Stick
#10 – Drawing Ruler 
#11 – Year Planner
#12 – File Folder Set

#13 – Pencil Case
#14 – Eraser  
#15 – DIY Craft Punches
#16 – Notebook
#17 – Pastel Scissors
#18 – Pen Holder
#19 Pastel Blue Desk Lamp
#20 – Pastel Mixed Ribbons Set
#21 – Pastel Sticker Box
#22 – Desk Mat

#23 – Trash Bin
#24 – Pastel Washi Tapes 

So, what do you think about these letter writing desk features? Have I left out any something that you believe is important for letter writing (desk)? I would love to hear your opinion. 




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