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The Art Of Letter Writing: History & Trends + Free E-book


Dear Friend, 

the art of letter writing pinIf you too are a lover of letter writing (and receiving!) you might sometimes wonder: What is a letter, why was it once so widely represented, and why is it forgotten today? 

We, as humans, have always had the need to record an important event or to leave a trace behind us – a picture or a written word. Eventually, this led to one of the greatest inventions of man – the letter.

A letter is a written message conveyed from one person to another through a medium. Although it is generally accepted that there are two forms of letters – formal and informal – this is only partly true. Because these are two general categories and there are a number of different types of letters.

According to Wikipedia, there are 27 kinds of letters! Some of them are Love letters, Business letters, Chain letters, Recommendation letters, Cover letters, etc. 

FUN FACT: There’s also a type of letter called Dear John. “A Dear John letter is a letter written to a man by his wife or romantic partner to inform him their relationship is over because she has found another lover. The man is often a soldier stationed overseas […]. It is usually sent after time away on holiday.” [Source: Wikipedia]

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In this e-book you can find helpful tips for enjoying the art of writing letters; from the supplies you need, deciding on a letter’s type, to styles and manner. Because writing a letter is an art.

the art of letter writing ebook

Letters were exchanged among friends, like-minded people, lovers, the greatest intellectuals, politicians. The content conveyed to them varied from pieces of information, poems, essays, photographs to the most touching words and goodwill.

A whole lot of emotions are embedded in the lines of one single letter. Because, in a letter, each word shows your emotions. Each sentence makes them feel you. A letter means so much more than you think – it reveals your personality.

Yet, in a world (which is constantly changing!) full of endless forms of technology and trendy communication forms, one would think sitting down and writing a letter is considered old fashioned. There are many emoticons that save us from uttering “big” words that may not be reciprocated. Only a short skeleton remains of the messages about the experiences of our day or our emotions – the core of two, three rows. Because who has the time to write novels and just read them, right?

letter writing vintageOh, they are so wrong in their thinking. A letter can do so much more! Writing a letter and replying to it is far more intimate than writing a message via email or social networks.

When you don’t have the opportunity to see someone every day, there is a need for you to write about events from your life and your own thoughts and feelings. You have the need to give him your soul on that sheet of paper.  

Sadly but true only when writing emails, which we use exclusively in business or in conventional conversations, we kept the classic letter form. These days, everything that could be minimized already is. Minimalism is a favorite style in modern society, from the way of dressing up to spoken words.

Yet, the keyboard cannot do what ink and paper do. They require a sort of isolation, confrontation with yourself and your actions. They require time. Many aren’t really heroes when it comes to this game. 

So, why don’t you start writing letters today? Envelope on Samsung Experience 9.0

sending a letterFor the beginning, to your future self – set goals, make predictions or envision the future.

Be creative and honest.

Hide them somewhere in your home, so when you find them in a few years you will feel all the emotions I explained above. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be surprised…

And then write a letter to your family or friends or lover. Begin the intimate journey to yourself! 

Lots of Love, 



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