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How To Make A Traditional Advent Wreath Alike

how to make advent wreath

Four weeks before Christmas, in all countries where the majority of the population are members of the Catholic faith, a period called Advent begins.

The Advent wreath consists of four candles. One candle is lit every week, and all four should be lit by Christmas. The Advent wreath consists of two symbols: a circle and a light. A circle or ring, without beginning and end, represents eternity and fidelity. Each of the candles has its own meaning. The most popular interpretation is that the first candle is a candle of hope,  the second is a symbol of peace, the third of joy, and the fourth is a candle of love.

Two weeks ago, on November 29, exactly on Sunday, we lit the first candle on the Advent wreath. This marked the beginning of Advent time, one of the most beautiful festive periods of the year.

The base can be evergreen twigs, and they can be additionally decorated with walnuts, cones, leaves, dried citrus rings, bows, and ribbons of different colors to your own taste.

Today, we can buy decorative wreaths, in stores and flower shops or we can make them ourselves. Every year I make one by myself and this year I’ll share with you my new Advent wreath project. It was super fun, easy, and fast to make this Advent wreath! 

Learn how to make a traditional Advent wreath alike below.

advent wreath supplies

My idea was to keep the traditional Chrismassy color scheme: red, green, and white. But I didn’t want to make a ring base. The idea was to have a greenery ‘salat’ on a red plate. 🤩

I took a lot of greenery, a few red berry twigs, pinecones, mushrooms, some ornaments, and bells, as well as the red bows. In the middle of the wreath, I’ve imagined adding a very nice fawn sculpture.

I wasn’t very happy with a candle choice in a store, but due to the Corona lockdown, I was happy to find even these – two white and two red-gray candles. 

Once I’ve made the base and put the candles in the right place the most interesting part began – adding all the cutie-pie decorations between the candles.

diy advent wreath

Eventually, I’ve used four red bows (each between the candles), two pairs of bells, as well as two pairs of small grey ornaments (diagonally from each other), five pinecones, two mushrooms, and the fawn sculpture, which fitted perfectly in the middle. 

Do you have an advent wreath tradition with your family? Share your stories in the comment section below! 😍 

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Stay safe! 🌟 





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