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DIY Mini Retro Suitcase From Matchbox + Cool Freebie

mini retro suitcase and vintage envelopes

Dear Friend,

diy mini retro suitcase from matchbox retro-sparks pinterest To surprise relatives and friends, it is not necessary to make expensive gifts. Here’s how you can surprise your loved ones if you have a box of matches, some time and imagination.

After you make one, you can fill the suitcase with a small envelope with a message within or with some cute little decorations, such as stars, hearts, mushrooms, etc. Let your imagination run free!

DIY mini retro suitcase from the matchbox is very easy to make. It only takes three steps and a little bit of creativity.

Here is a simple how-to DIY tutorial. 



1. Matchbox
2. Brown Sheet of Paper (for wrapping the box)
3. A Sheet of Paper a Little Darker
4. Thematic Images/Stickers
5. Glue (any kind)
6. Scissors
7. Hole Puncher

diy mini suitcase supplies


First, cut out the lighter paper for wrapping the matchbox, as well as the handle, corner elements and straps using a darker paper as shown here:

mini suitcase step 1

Second, tightly glue the box with lighter paper and add the cropped little dark details as shown in the photo:

mini suitcase step 2

Third, once all the details are in place, the mini retro suitcase can be decorated with mini stickers: 

mini retro suitcase from matchbox

I have a free printable mini vintage letters forms for you; these are like the ones I’ve used in the photo below. You can grab them at the end of this tutorial.

mini vintage envelopes

Enjoy crafting this DIY mini retro suitcase!

mini retro suitcase

Lots of Love,

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